Oval Serving Tray with Chilli Handles - The Just Slate Co

Brand: The Just Slate Company
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Slate serving tray with brushed stainless steel chilli handles. Ideal for serving food made to share such as cheese, canapés and nibbles. The oval slate serving tray combines with the small medium and large slate serving trays to create a range suitable as individual pieces or as a slate gift set.

  • Sealed with a food safe lacquer
  • Foam backing
  • 42 x 15 cms
  • Gift boxed

500 million years in the making......

Layer upon layer of fine-grained, foliated rock fused together over time under low heat and huge pressure to create the unique slate used in all Just Slate products. The Just Slate design team harness this character to produce a range of stylish and hand-crafted tableware. From their workshops in Scotland, they hand-cut each individual slate piece to fit with the contemporary designs. By striking the raw slate correctly, a skilled craftsman or women can split the layers to create a flat surface with the detailed riven edge surround. Throughout the production process they focus on the elegance of the finished product and using traditional methods each piece of slate is selected, cut, shaped, felted, oiled and inspected before packing. As it takes 500 million years for the slate to reach the workshop, its only right to give it the very best of treatment when its there.

The Just Slate Company was formed from humble beginnings back in 1992.  They started with four simple products and a strong commitment to marry contemporary styling to the natural character of the slate. Today they are the country’s largest slate homeware producer.  Throughout these years of change the one thing that has remained the same is their commitment to "Contemporary Style and Natural Character".

Age Adults
Brand The Just Slate Company
Item Colour Black Slate
Item Design Oval Serving Tray
Item Size 41 x 22cms
Material Handcrafted Natural Slate
Most Suitable For Tableware, Weddings, Anniversary, Dining
Type Serving Tray