Sterling Silver Lucky Star - Tales From The Earth

Brand: Tales From The Earth
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They say our destinies are written in the stars. Wear this, your silver lucky star, and carry good fortune with you wherever you travel.  

People love the sentiment and story behind each piece and there are some lovely designs that can be given for any number of occasions - from christening to gap year, from birthday to wedding.

Tales From The Earth was founded in 1990, as much by chance as through planning. A serendipitous encounter in Edinburgh brought together two young designers, John DeCosta and Jo Culf, and a wonderful life of travelling to the far flung corners of the world began. They spent their days immersed in different cultures -  whether in a village at the heart of the Amazon, pressed like sardines in a subway full of New Yorkers or sipping tea in a mountain hamlet in Bhutan. The themes of everyday life, they discovered, are the same: love, luck, health, protection. We are all the same.

Age Ladies, Men
Brand Tales From The Earth
EAN Does Not Apply
Item Colour Sterling Sliver
Item Design Lucky Star
Material Sterling Silver
Most Suitable For Ladies
Type Token, Keepsake