Maileg - Danish Nisse Christmas Advent Pixy Room - 'Elf On A Shelf'

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The Maileg Nisse Pixy family comes from an ity bity tiny country, far away in the North. From there, pixies have wandered to most other parts of the world, yet only the fewest know the little pixy well. The little pixy is shy and would much rather have us believe that he is made only of pure cotton from top to toe, but we do know that deep inside of him, a sweet little Christmas heart is pounding.....Let the Nisse calendar become a tradition in your home and watch the delight on the children's faces when they check the pockets each day in the run up to Christmas.......

In the pixy room the pixy sleeps on soft mattresses during the day, and on each day of December he will sneak out during the night to write the next day's date on the board and put a new gift in the cabinet.

Welcome to the pixy room...... a substantial wooden room, complete with little pixy, bed linen, black board and chalk and a rather large 'potato' that is placed between the mattresses whilst he sleeps.

Made from a lovely pale wood, painted a duck egg blue on the outside, little pixy's room measures 40 x 30 x 12cm and includes a cupboard and two little drawers. The back wall is decorated with blue flowers and has a pretty round window. Pixy himself measures 23cm from pointed hat to foot, and is wearing a grey smock which comes on and off. Also included in the set are five padded mattresses (Princess & Pea style), pillow and cover. The whole set is presented in a nice gift box.

History of the Nisse

The name "Nisse" probably derives from St. Nicholas. But "nisser" - which are elves (or gnomes) are old figures which existed long before the birth of Christ. There are several types of "nisser" in Denmark. The most known is the "Fjøsnisse" which is a "nisse" who takes care of the animals on the farms. The "Fjøsnisse" is very short and often bearded and lives in a barn or a stable. He wears clothes of wool and often has a red knitted hat. The "Fjøsnisse" often plays tricks on people. Sometimes he will scare people by blowing out the lights in the barn or he will scare the farm dog at night. You can hear the dogs bark! He can become very friendly with the people that live on the farm, but one should never forget to give him a large portion of porridge on Christmas Eve - or else he will play tricks for example move the animals around in the barn, braid the horses' mane and tail, and other tricks like that.........

The Maileg (pronounced My-Lie) mice, bunnies & pixies are quality toys created by Danish designer Dorthe Mailil. With new ranges being added throughout the year, they are now collected by children and adults all over the world.  We also stock their gorgeous Maileg Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar and keep adding to the range throughout the year.

Age 3 years onwards
Brand Maileg
EAN 5037479286548
Item Colour Various
Item Design Nisse Pixy Room
Item Size 40x30x12cms
Material Cotton
Most Suitable For Children & Adults
MPN 14-4481-00
Type Advent Calendar