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Brand: Lulu's Time Bomb by Federici
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Lulu's Time Bomb - Youth Juice - Secret Oil - 60ml

What it does: -

  • Mimics skins natural sebum to replace oils no longer produced by ageing skin
  • Absorbs instantly for non-greasy feel
  • Plumps, protects and helps seal in natural moisture

Why it works: Youth Juice is a revolutionary combination of oils (olive, kukui, avocado, jojoba and more) formulated to mimic the skins natural sebum that is lost with age. With a natural lipid complex, this ultra-fine, non-greasy blend not only quenches thirsty, ageing skin, but also creates a moisture barrier that helps to reduce the appearance of lines and crevices. Rich in Vitamins E and C to plump skin and create all-over, youthful glow.

How it makes you look younger: Sebum production slows dramatically in your late 20s, and even more dramatically after menopause. If you want to turn back the hands of time, you have to replace skins natural sebum.

For best results: Apply a small amount with fingertips onto clean face and neck. Allow to penetrate before applying other products. Re-apply as needed throughout the day.

Age Ladies
Brand Federici Brands
EAN 5060150181412
Item Design Lulu's Time Bomb Range
Item Size 60ml
Most Suitable For Face
Type Combination of Oils