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Yuzu is a citrus fruit indigenous to China which was widely used in the religious ceremonies of the Far East. Proof of its ritual and therapeutic use go back to the seve..
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I Coloniali - Aromatic Soap With Indian Sesame - 150g A herbaceous plant with irregular flowers, Sesame is grown in China and India, where it has always been a symb..
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I Coloniali Deodorant Milk with Hibiscus - The precious extract of this plant, originally found in East India, is known for its soothing and protective action. It is obtained..
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The Energising Journey Every day, I Coloniali guides you through a journey out of the ordinary, thanks to a range of multi-sensorial beauty treatments enriched with ..
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Rhubarb is a perennial plant with tiny white-yellowish flowers. It originates from China and Tibet, from where the dried roots were once imported.  In ancient times it w..
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The Butterfly Route - Regenerating Journey This incredibly luxurious and beautifully scented bath and shower cream is enriched with legendary myrrh resin, renowned for i..
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Rhubarb is a perennial plant with small white flowers that originated in China and Tibet, from where its dried roots were once exported.  In ancient times it was used for its..
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Hibiscus originally comes from Eastern India.  Precious Hibiscus extract from the plant's distinctive calyx-shaped yellow flowers is known for its soothing and protective pro..
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I Coloniali - Men's Skin Treatment - Anti Fatigue Lifting Gel - J&E Atkinsons Problem:  Stress, work overload and irregular sleep patterns..
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Problem:  As time passes, a man's skin ages, and loses its elasticity; this process favours the appearance of wrinkles. Answer:  ..
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I Coloniali - Men's Skin Treatment - Regenerating Shower Gel 200ml - J&E Atkinsons A rich, creamy shower gel that cleans the ski..
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