Christmas Pudding Charms - Sterling Silver - Vivi Designs

Brand: Vivi Celebrations
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Recreate a Victorian tradition and delight guests of all ages with these lovely sterling silver pudding charms. The recipient of each charm will be blessed in the coming year. The charms can be cooked inside a pudding or you may prefer to hide them under each plate for your guests to find.

While eating your plum pudding, if you pull out a sixpence you will be healthy, wealthy and happy the following year. A wishbone will grant you a wish, a horseshoe will bring you good luck and a bell will ward from evil. A thimble represents thrift (but can also detect spinsterhood), whilst a batchelor's button is lucky for a man.

Set of 6 sterling silver charms on an illustrated card which comes inside a presentation gift box along with information about the tradition of the charms and instructions for use.

PLEASE NOTE: These charms are very little. The biggest is 0.8x0.8cm. They are attached to big silver jump rings which you can thread some bright ribbon through so that nobody swallows a charm by mistake!

Brand Vivi Designs
Item Colour Sterling Silver
Item Design Pudding Charms
Item Size Approx 1 x 1 cms
Material Sterling Silver
Most Suitable For Christmas, Thanksgiving Day
Type Pudding Charms