Byzante Glass Lanterns - 20 LED Indoor String Light Chain - Mains Powered

Brand: LightStyle London
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Price: £36.50

These handmade glass Byzante fairy lights have 20 LED bulbs

  • Mains powered LED lights with warm white bulbs
  • The light string is illuminated for 2.8m but has an additional 3m length making it very useful throughout the home.
  • Perfect as Christmas lights or as fairy lights for bedroom, kitchen, living room.....
  • The lights come neatly packed in a decorative box so are ideal as a gift

The Byzante light chain features 20 warm white long life LED bulbs with green, white and blue handmade glass lanterns decorated along the length of it. The LED bulbs are long lasting and give off a warm white light (please note LED lights by their nature are brighter than standard fillament bulbs). The light chain is 5.8 metres long, of which 2.8 metres is illuminated. The lights are mains powered (standard UK plug) and comes with a transformer. This light chain is ideal for all year round occasions and can be used for a large variety of purposes including bedrooms, kitchens, mood lighting, weddings, parties, Christmas lighting and any other decorative purpose.

Brand Lightstyle London
EAN 5037479319055
Item Colour Blue/Green/White
Item Design Byzante
Item Size 5.8m long of which 2.8m illumuniated
Material 20 LED lights
Most Suitable For Lighting, Decorative, Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Christmas
Type Fairy Lights