Cube Books - Kings & Queens - Key Dates, Facts & Timelines by ZooBooKoo

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Learning cube books from ZooBooKoo are a firm favourite in our fun educational toys and games ranges. Each cube book has 6 'pages' on one side, then turn them inside out to find another 6 'pages'. Facts and figures at your finger tips - fun educational gift for compulsive fiddling and learning. Suitable for boys, girls and students. You just can't put them down!

  • Key Dates, Facts & Time-Line
  • 7 - 107 years
  • Time-line of all kings & queens of England
  • 20 illustrations of the most famous
  • Key facts about reign
  • Excellent ready-reference

ZooBooKoo has been in the business of designing and manufacturing educational, fun, learning games and toys for over 10 years.  Their ethos is 'fun, facts and form', striving to find clever formats to make learning fun and original for children. They work on the principle of bitesize chunks of information to help re-call and avoid over-loading.  ZooBooKoo aim to make all their educational, fun, learning games and toys multi-level, so there is always a new element to discover as their minds grow.


Age 7 years Upwards
Brand ZooBooKoo
Item Design Kings & Queens
Most Suitable For Children, Learning, Games, History
Type Educational