Apples To Pears - Garden & Wildlife - Gift In A Tin - Make Your Own Insect House/Bug House

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Make Your Own Insect House

A great gift idea to get kids back out in the garden and developing an interest in wildlife from an early age. Flat packed Ikea style, this easy-to-build hut, standing at 4.5" tall when assembled, is perfect for ladybirds, solitary bees and many other insects.

Contents: Wooden kit with glue and bamboo tubes, plus decorative ladybirds.

Recommended age: 8+

CE Certification

Age 8 Years Upwards
Brand Apples to Pears
EAN 5050588005169
Item Colour Garden & Wildlife
Item Design Make Your Own Insect House
Item Size Tin Measures 15x10x6ms
Material Wood
Most Suitable For Insects/Bugs
MPN 101219
Type Bug House/Insect House