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Symbols are printed on both sides of the blocks. The symbols include: letters of the alphabet in upper and lower case; numbers; roman numerals; and the symbols '+' , '-' and '='. ..
Ex Tax: £27.08
The Seesaw Scale produced by Bajo comes with 10 weights in 5 assorted colours and a scale in natural wood. The 5 weights come in different sizes which are all proportionally bigge..
Ex Tax: £30.00
This Set of 3 Men at Work Small Cases makes the perfect gift for little boys (or tomboys!), for birthdays, Christmas or just a little treat. Perfect for filling with their favouri..
Ex Tax: £16.25
The Bajo Pull Along dog is a beautiful wooden toy made of solid wood. It comes in 3 pieces connected by thick leather pieces to make the Dachshund waddle behind its owner. The woo..
Ex Tax: £34.17
The Bajo Number Stacker is a beautifully large stacking board with wooden tokens to feed on the sticks. While children are building colourful towers, they're acquiring colour and ..
Ex Tax: £29.17
The Sorting Pull Along is a smooth rolling snail to be pulled along wherever your little one may wonder. It's another brilliant toy designed by Bajo. While its wheels are turning ..
Ex Tax: £32.08
The Carousel Pushalong is a fabulous toy to push and watch! As you push the stick the wheels go round and make the carousel horses go round and round. The carousel encourages the..
Ex Tax: £25.00
The Jumping Frogs Pushalong is a fabulous toy to push and watch! As you push the stick the wheels go round and make the frogs jump up and down. First the left one then the right o..
Ex Tax: £25.00
Handcrafted by Polish artisans, using up to fourteen types of wood from local orchards. Finished with nontoxic paint. The flying Ladybird Pushalong is ..
Ex Tax: £25.00
The Bajo little wooden Ellipse car zoots around on its beautiful little wheels. Its a great present for little people to push and pull along the floor. The wooden car is also in a..
Ex Tax: £8.33
This Wobbly Goblin by Bajo is a beautiful curvy Goblin to push and poke. The perfectly rounded, weighted bottom keeps the Goblin grounded while allowing his happy, smiley face to..
Ex Tax: £14.58